Hey handsome and beauties! Welcome to Words of IzzY. Today we will discuss the Power Of Consistency And Some Secrets of Consistency. So let’s get started… “Power Of Consistency & Secrets of Consistency”

Before knowing the power of consistency, let us try to know the origin and history of this word. “Consistency

The Origin Of The Word “Consistency”

The origin of the word “Consistency” is so interesting. It was first used in the Latin language, 1500 years ago.

Con means together and sistere means remain constant.

Consistency means to remain constant with whatever small change or action you want to take. No matter how small the action is if you have consistency then like magic.

Now let’s come to the results start coming. And seeing from afar, it seems point the power of consistency.

1. Consistency Shift Our Identity:

Consistency Shift Our Identity | wordsofizzy | words of izzy | power of consistency | secrets of consistency

Consistency shifts identity. When we learn to do something consistently for some reason, then a superpower awake which is much bigger than the habit, which we say beliefs.

We believe in ourselves that ‘I can change my behaviour by my own will. Even if it is small changes.

For example, You can try to explain to a 50-year-old uncle, who drinks a lot of alcohol, that “uncle you can stop drinking alcohol if you want”. Then their answer will be, “Son, nothing will happen with all these things, we have also seen the world.”

Actually this uncle is also a victim of consistency.

Knowing that he has inadvertently shifted his identity by repeating the wrong habits. He believes that I am weak, I can’t change old habits.

Consistency is a two-edged sword.

2. Distraction Is Your Worst Enemy:

distraction is your worst enemy | power of consistency | words of izzy

If you want to spoil someone’s life, so make it perfect in one thing, the rest he will lose himself. Will remain miserable throughout life and will hurt all around. That thing is a distraction.

When we are distracted, we are not only waste our time and energy. Along with this, we are sad from inside also. Because the distracted mind is an unhappy mind.

If in our actions there is no consistency, then we have to think every day from where to start, then the whole day goes out like this.

In such a situation, no matter how talented we are, the entire energy will be released only by starting. So we will never be able to finish anything. And until we finish we don’t get any feedback till then.

We don’t learn anything until we learn from our work, till then, we do not refine the inner talent inside us. And neither do we feel confidence and satisfaction.

3. Consistency Creates Momentum:

Consistency Creates Momentum | wordsofizzy | words of izzy | power of consistency

Biggest feature of consistency is momentum.

Momentum is very important. If you have momentum then you can easily learn any skill. We need small breakthroughs to learn any art.

Here the meaning of breakthroughs is to from one micro level to another.

When you try to solve a problem in any of the ways that come to your mind without help Or sometimes even solve a difficult problem.

And then you compare these solutions in your mind and find an effective way to solve the problem at your own, then this is known as a breakthrough.

For example: When a person starts to learn singing. In the starting, the upper and lower tones are not open. Too much stress can cause a sore throat. But after practising he or she realizes that no need to exert power. And after several days of practice, the tone will automatically open.

To get breakthrough you need constant effort on one thing and you need to observe small changes.

We can call this whole process ‘Momentum

So scientists, writers, artists, etc are like to solve problems daily in a different way. Because they are making a Momentum to go to the next level. And this momentum cannot come without consistency.

Story Of HARUKI Murakami

Power of Consistency | secrets of consistency | words of izzy | Story of Haruki Marukami

HARUKI Murakami is a famous writer in Japan. His stories and books are liked all over the world.

He said in an interview that, the days when I am writing Navel, I wake up every day at 4 o’clock, then work in the first five to six hours, Then I go for 10 kilometres of running or 1500 meters of swimming, then I come home and eat and relax, then work again till evening, I listen to a little music at night and read, and every day I sleep at exactly 9 o’clock.

I keep my routine the same every day, does not change anything.

By doing this the mind wanders less every day. And creativity automatically increases.

HARUKI Murakami said one more thing, but to do this, a lot of mental strength is required. Mental strength is necessary for consistency.

Actually the real indicator of mental strength is consistency.

If you want to calculate your shrillness, How old are you so you see the consistency of your difficult and important routine.

Long Life Process:

They don’t say 1 thing that is “How many years did it take them to develop this routine themselves?”

It is important to keep trying. Once broken then keep going.

Because consistency is not a one-time goal. Consistency is a life long process.

Consistency And Will Power:

Like HARUKI Murakami all the examples that you will see on consistency, these people do the most difficult and important work in the morning.

They all start their morning with the most important and difficult work. Because will power is very high in the morning. The hardest and most important thing is easy to do.

Consistency will improve through your will power.

Let us discuss the secrets of consistency by Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli Secrets Of Consistency

Virat kohli | secrets of consistency | power of consistency | words of izzy | wordsofizzy

Virat Kohli said, “If I give my 120% every day, no one has the right to raise questions regarding my work.” Keep this line in mind.

He also said, “If you want to be consistent you have to bore with your training, food habits, bathing habits.”

Wherever you go to school, office, college etc., your value is very high when you are consistent. Because when you are consistent, anyone can easily trust you. Other people think that he works every day, so he will do also today, even if he requires more money or more time, But it can be trusted.

He said actually consistency and success is boring. He said consistency is boring that is why it is difficult.

1. Concentration And Intention:

He said, “it is very important to get your intention right while doing anything, even if it is a practice of 200 shots or similar shots.”

He says that I don’t do anything to hurt or happy someone. If my intention is correct or clear, so I think that my game is good, then the path will be formed on its own.

2. Friendship with Yourself:

He says that I did not make my body and game to be better or different from anyone. I do it for myself.

3. Hunger of win

When Virat lands in the field, his mindset is of the winner. He only thinks of winning. He only thinks about how can I reach my team beyond goals.

4. Disciplined Mindset

Virat Kohli also plays very serious in practice.

You should be disciplined.

It has many advantages, some of them are given below.

Benefits of Disciplined Mindset in Consistency:

  • Discipline allows you to achieve goals by weeding out the distractions in your life.
  • Discipline makes you feel good.
  • Discipline gives you a more positive outlook.
  • Discipline helps you avoid temptations.
  • Discipline makes you more emotionally stable.
  • Discipline keeps you healthy.

To read more benefits of Discipline. Click Here.

5. Don’t Repeat Mistakes

Mistakes happen by humans, But The great person is the one who learns from those mistakes and does not repeat them again and again.


We need to be conscious practice. Completing small tasks that looks boring.

Constant Improvement. We have limited time and energy, So always try to do better in selected and small things. Correct your mistakes every time. Many records can be broken if the continuous effort is made.

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