Hey handsome and beauties! Welcome to Words of IzzY. Today we will discuss “How to be consistent?” Here are the 20+ Tips to Be Consistent in every aspect of life. So let’s get started…

Why It Is Important To Be Consistent?

why it is important to be consistent? How to be consistent (Words Of IzzY) WOI

A genuine question comes many times in our mind that is “How to Be Consistent?” After working some days we take a break, after the break, we are unable to resume our work properly. So it is most important to “Be Consistent” in achieving goals. So let’s check out those point through which you will “Be Consistent“.

So let’s talk that Why It Is Important To Be Consistent?

  • It helps to develops discipline and self-control.
  • It will create accountability in your life.
  • It can fast track your development in any field.
  • It is most important in business.
  • It will create a difference between failure and success.

Now let’s talk about tips through which you can “Be Consistent

1. Set A Practical “GOAL”

set a perfect and practical goal | How to be consistent? | Words Of IzzY

Setting a perfect and practical goal is the very first step to “Be Consistent”.

Firstly you have to set a GOAL that would be perfect and practical. Now a question may arise in your mind that is ‘What do you mean by Practical and Perfect GOAL?’

Now let’s understand what does it mean?

Perfect Goal To “Be Consistent”

Perfect Goal means the Goal that you choose should be perfect for you. A perfect Goal will help you to “Be Consistent“.

Practical Goal To “Be Consistent”

Now let’s try to understand ‘What is Practical Goal?’

Practical Goal is not just an imaginary. It is a proper Goal that can achieve by the perfect plan. For example, a person makes a goal that “He wants to become a billionaire” but he does not have any plan to become a billionaire. It is not a Practical Goal. It will become practical when he will make a plan that how he will become a billionaire.

So it is most important to make practical Goal. This will help you to “Be Consistent

2. Create A Perfect Schedule

A perfect schedule | how to make a perfect schedule | how to be consistent | Woi | words of izzy |

Through making a perfect time table you can make your day 10x productive.

To “Be Consistent” you have to make a perfect schedule or perfect time table.

Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Albert Einstien, Issac Newton.

~Izhan Khan

You have the same numbers of hours per day that were giver to the most successful people in the world. You just need to manage these hours properly.

So, let us make a perfect schedule. And “Be Consistent“.

Your Work: After making a perfect time table you can share this on Facebook with #words_of_izzy we will check this as fast as possible.

3. Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrate small wins | how to be consistent? | Woi | words of izzy

Celebrating small wins will helps you in any aspects of your life. It will help a lot in being Consistent.

Example of Small Wins

For example, a person said that he or she has to complete a small task such as today’s exercise task, or small tasks like this.

We should Celebrate Small wins at a very small level. I am not said that after completing a small task you should celebrate this win at big level. Just celebrate small wins at a very small level.

Advantages of Celebrating Small Wins:

  • Enhance Your Confidence.
  • Make You Happy.
  • Positive Change Our Behaviour.
  • Feel Good And Exited.

4. Control On Your Emotions

how to control on your emotions | control on your emotions | fight with your emotions | words of izzy | woi | how to be consistent |

It can help you in many aspects of your life. If you want to do big in your life. Then you need to control your emotions.

Benefits of Controlling Emotions

  • Develop Decision Making Power.
  • Relationship Success.
  • Day-to-day Interaction.
  • Self Care.

Now the question is “How to gain control your emotions?” So let us know this too.

How to gain control your Emotions?

  • Replace Your Thoughts.
  • See The Bigger Picture.
  • Don’t React Right Away.
  • Do Meditation
  • Take The Proper Guidance.

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5. Forgive Your Failures

Forgive your failures | how to be consistent | woi | words of izzy

To become successful you need to forgive your failures. It means, Let’s suppose you made a mistake. Then you are wasting your precious time remembering this mistake.

You shouldn’t do this. Say it’s okay to fail. Forgive your failures and try again.

Do three main things:
  • Relax.
  • Breathe – Meditation.
  • Let Go.

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6. Remind Your Goals

Remind your goals | how to remind your goals | words of izzy | how to be consistent | woi

It is not enough to just make Goal. After making Goal you should need to remind your goals.

Through this your motivation level increase towards your work and Goal.

You can remind your Goal by writing it in front of you.

For example, you can write this in the wallpaper of your mobile or desktop’s screen. You can tell your friend that he will remind me of my goal again and again. Or you can paste in any place that is in front of you.

7. Make Promises To Yourself

make promises to yourself | how to make promises to your self | woi | words of izzy | how to be consistent

You should make promises to yourself. Through this, you will more able to do these promises that you make yourself.

You can make promises to yourself at night or in the early morning. It is more beneficial.

8. Take A Proper Rest

take a proper rest | how to take proper rest | WOI | how to be consistent? | words of izzy

Sometimes when we are in the flow of working. We can’t sleep properly.

It is very important to take proper rest. This has many advantages. Some of them are written below.

Advantages of Proper Rest:

  • Reduce Stress.
  • Improve Your Memory.
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure.
  • Increase Your Immunity.
  • Maintain Your Weight.
  • Puts You In A Better Mood.

9. Be Accountable To Yourself

how to be accountable to yourself | words of izzy | woi | how to be consistent

It is most important to be accountable to yourself. It helps to “Be Consistent“.

By being accountable to yourself, you will manage yourself easily.

Here are some tips through we will be more accountable to yourself.

Tips To Be Accountable To Yourself:

  • Write down everything.
  • Create micro-goals.
  • Review your performance.
  • Seek feedback from your team.
  • Reward yourself.
  • Do one thing at a time.
  • Value your time.

10. Remove Negative Thinking

How to remove negative thinking from your mind | how to be consistent | words of izzy | woi

It is a very bad thing. You should remove this negative thinking from your mind.

Here are some tips through which you can remove this negative thinking from your mind.

Tips To Remove Negative Thinking:

  • Change the tone of your thoughts.
  • Spend one minute calming your mind of all thought.
  • Change your body language.
  • Be creative.
  • Take a walk.

11. Build Your Willpower

how to build your will power | how to be consistent | words of izzy | woi

Self control is very important for a happy and successful life. Lack of willpower is the greatest obstacle to change.

Through the will power, we can accomplish our Goal, complete any task and through this we can do many things.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

What is Willpower?

“Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.”

~Dan Millman

Now here are some tips through which you can increase your Willpower.

How To Increase Willpower? (5 Tips)

  • Learn how to manage stress.
  • Encourage yourself to stick to your scheme.
  • Proper Sleep.
  • Meditation.
  • Better exercise and nutrition.

To know more about this read this article. Click Here.

12. Don’t Doubt On Yourself

dont doubt on yourself | words of izzy | woi

Self doubt is one of the biggest obstacle in one’s life. Just think…

Did Gandhi Ji ever thought that he would not be able get independence from Britishers.

Did Elon Musk ever thought that his space mission will fail?

Then why are you doubting on yourself. Just believe that you are a champion and hit hard

Your mind is your biggest friend and the worst enemy so stop doubting yourself.

How To Overcome Self-Doubt? (8 Powerful Ways)

  • Look at the past and wake yourself up in memories.
  • Talk to someone about it.
  • Do not get caught in the comparison trap.
  • People don’t care that much about what you do or say.
  • You are not a failure just because you failed.
  • Sharpen your skills.
  • Celebrate that small step and win.
  • Make your mission bigger than your fear.

13. Your Future Depends On What You Do Today

Your Future Depends On What You Do Today | how to be consistent | woi | words of izzy

It is the very famous line that is given by Mahatma Gandhi.

From this line, you can motivate yourself. You can save your precious time from this line. It helps to “Be Consistent“.

Your Future Depends On What You Do Today

~Mahatma Gandhi

14. Perfect Partner

find a perfect partner | how to be consistent? | words of izzy | woi

Right and perfect partner will help you in many phases of your life. So it is most important to find a perfect partner. It can be he as well as she.

So, now the question is how to find a perfect partner. Here are some characteristics through which you can find a perfect partner.

Characteristics Of A Perfect Partner

  • Warm.
  • Cooperative.
  • Emotionally stable.
  • Don’t attract towards physical beauty or money power.
  • Sense of Humor.
  • Honest.

Find a partner with these characteristics so that he or she can help in many phases of your life.

Here are some Advantages of Good Partner.

Advantages Of Good Partner

  • It can make you happier.
  • It can help you to live longer.
  • It can help you age more gracefully.
  • It can reduce stress.
  • It can make you feel less pain.
  • It can prevent a heart attack.
  • It can help you sleep better.
  • It can help you heal faster.

15. Use Motivational Tools

motivational tools | how to be consistent | woi | words of izzy

After working sometime our mind need the motive to work more. It helps to “Be Consistent“.

Here are some tools through which you can motivate yourself easily.

Motivational Tools:

  • You can watch a Motivational video from YouTube.
  • You can read Motivational books.
  • You can read Motivational article online.
  • You can read Motivational quotes.

16. Power Of Morning

power of morning | how to be consistent | woi | words of izzy

It is most important to understand the power of morning. Every successful entrepreneur wakes up in the early morning.

We are very productive in the early morning. Our mind runs very fast in the morning.

We can do all the hard work in the morning. Because we have more power in the morning than night.

Here are some Reasons Why You Should Wake Up In The Early Morning?

Why You Should Wake Up In The Early Morning?

  • Your willpower is more in the morning.
  • Less chance of distraction.
  • We are more Productive in the morning.
  • Helps to Be Consistent.

This habit is not build very fast. You should build this habit slowly slowly.

17. Track Your Progress

how to track your progress | analysis your progress | how to be consistent? | woi | words of izzy

It is very important to track your progress toward your Goals.

This will helps to Be Consistent.

You should analyse your progress towards your Goals. And then make proper charts and data and track your progress properly.

By breaking your large goals into small tasks, it is become easier to track your progress.

You can track your progress in the calendar. Or you can write a diary daily, it is a good thing to track your progress and Be Consistent.

18. Try To Don’t Break The Chain

try to dont break the chain or schedule | how to be consistent? | woi | words of izzy

Don’t break the chain means you don’t break the flow of work.

As you know this article is on “How To Be Consistent?” So this point is the most most important point. This is the biggest reason that breaks the consistency of people.

So to Be Consistent you would not break the chain of working. Or the flow of working. You should be consistent in the work.

19. Learn To Say ‘NO’

learn how to say no | how to be consistent? | woi | words of izzy

We should not say ‘YES’ to everything.

This is a problem of many people, they say yes to everything just to help someone, but this is not considered everywhere. Many times we should say ‘No’.

Here are some tips “How to say ‘NO’?

How To Say “NO”?

  • Keep your response simple.
  • Be true and answerable to yourself. 
  • Don’t feel guilty for saying “NO”.

20. Schedule Your Sleep

Schedule your sleep | make time table of sleep | how to be consistent? | woi | words of izzy

You would have to schedule your sleep every day. To remain consistent.

Once you schedule your sleep , the brain automatically adapts the schedule. You will feel sleepy at right time and you will wake up at the set up in schedule.

After this, no one can disturb your sleeping and waking time. This will help you to “Be Consistent

(TIPS) How to Schedule Your Sleep?

  • Be Consistent.
  • Dim the Nightlights.
  • Avoid Big Naps During Day.
  • Listen To Relaxing Music.
  • Read Something.

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